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Leader in the Market for over 50 years

TenTen is designed to encourage a trendy,
happy, active & healthy childhood.


Founded in 1967 as a humble yet daring and striving kids’ shoe business, ten-ten was able to gradually establish itself to become one of the country's trendiest and most iconic children's footwear manufacturer and wholesaler.
After more than 55 years of care, commitment and originality, the flagship continues to extend its successful kids’ footwear legacy, locally and globally, by perfectly catering for our growing children’s needs and well-being.


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Our shoes to keep you going and growing.

Spreading across 38+ Lebanese retail stores and serving numerous global outlets, we take pride in our footgear’s unequalled quality and excellence, durability and comfort, and competitive prices.

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Tenten production team makes around
270 new styles every year.

Thanks to our production team’s nonstop hard work, our Design team’s yearly presence at the latest world fairs, and our constant innovative efforts to keep up with the cutting-edge changes and trends, ten-ten produces around 270 new and unique styles every year.

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Why you should choose

Ten Ten

With tenten, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We believe that shoes must be tough to stand up to the rumble ways of active kids, therefore our team ensures testing procedures for a perfect fit.

Speed Performance

Arch Support

tenten’s in-built arch support helps distribute your kids’ body weight equally over the entire foot

Speed Performance

Anti-slipping Rubber Traction & Orthoflex Insole Layer

Thanks to our anti-slipping rubber traction and orthoflex insole layer, your kids can walk safely, steadily and comfortably

Speed Performance

Breathability: Anti-Bacterial Protection & Sweat-Prevention Technology

Our anti-bacterial and sweat-prevention technology protects the shoes from the growth of harmful bacteria, prevents sweaty feet and allows a good airflow.

Speed Performance

Dual Arch Technology

Our shoes consist of a dual arch support technology specially made to keep active kids safe all day

Speed Performance

Shock-Absorbing Pump Bag for Dual Arch

Our shoes are manufactured to absorb shock and keep your dynamic kids’ feet safe all year long

Your Children’s Up-To-Date Footwear Mate

ten-ten has been successfully committed to enter new markets, embracing new challenges, adapting to market changes, and ever maintaining its reputation with the highest standards in shoes manufacturing.

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Quality Is Not an Act, It Is a Habit

We work with a fusion of imported and locally made authentic materials, from top-of-the-line real leather and fabrics, to soles, insoles, accessories and more.

Our Factory

is divided into 3 branches, all of which cooperate as a single team. Our stock of leather materials, textiles and soles is stored under perfect conditions and protected against humidity in our warehouses.

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TenTen Production

Stages of Production


Pattern cutting

Leather Cutting

Seaming and Embroidery

Upper stitching

Toe cap enforcment insert

Ankle protection stiffner added

Upper Shaping process


Sole attaching

Insole replacing

Quality controlled and boxed


Brushed, waxed and boxed

Wearhousing and Distribution

We supply footwear to a large number of retail customers, nationwide and overseas.

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At ten-ten, we really understand your baby’s needs, that’s why we are the best when it comes to children’s footwear


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Initiate your kids’ safe, comfortable and healthy steps by exploring our finest footwear variety

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Address: Bourj Hamoud - Lebanon